Mickey Cranks Workshop

Workshop Services

Your bike sees loads of action throughout its life, so it stands to reason it'll need some loving care and attention from time to time.

We believe a bike shop is driven by its workshop and not the sales floor and that the workshop is the heart and soul of the shop. We don't hire bicycle assemblers, only experienced mechanics build bikes at Mickey Cranks. We perform custom build and handle the full spectrum of service and repair work - All in the pursuit of delivering you the best ride possible.

Our Cytech certified staff are some of the highest qualified bike technicians in Oxfordshire, with extensive knowledge of specialist bike repair and maintenance. Simply choose from our servicing options and give us a call on 01993 709 149

To book a workshop appointment, please call the shop on 01993 709 149.

  • £39.99
    • Brakes safety checked and re-alined
    • Gears checked and re-aligned
    • Cranks safety checked and tightened to recommended torque
    • Tyres checked and inflated to the recommended pressure
    • Headset and handlebar assembly safety checked and correctly tightened to recommended torque
    • Seat post removed and cleaned


  • £79.99
    • Complete drive system removed including pedals, chain-set, bottom bracket, chain, cassette and both derailleurs. All cleaned, lubed, refitted and tightened to the recommended torque
    • Frame assessed for damage and cracks
    • Wheels trued and assessed for damage and cracks


  • £149.99
    • All components removed and the bike fully stripped down to the bare frame, wiped down and checked for damage/cracks
    • Wheel hubs stripped down and re-greased
    • Headset removed and greased
    • Seat post removed, cleaned and re-fitted with clamp correctly tightened to recommended torque


The Process

On the day of the service we ask you to drop your bike in the shop by 10am. We will endeavor to get your bike serviced and finished before the end of that day (depending on availability of spare parts).

Please help us help you by bringing your bike into the shop in a clean condition.

Should your bike require new parts to be fitted, our mechanic will ring you to discuss your options and confirm prices, we will not carryout additional work without your permission.

You will be given an invoice detailing the work that has been carried out. Any worn or damaged parts will be retained for you to inspect and take home, alternatively we can dispose of them at Mickey Cranks.

Please collect your bike within a few days of it being serviced or repaired. If you are unable to collect your bike within this period please contact us. We reserve the right to charge for storage if bikes are not collected within a reasonable time.

Free fitting of all frames, groupsets and wheels purchased from Mickey Cranks